March 24 2012 - The weather was beautiful for our first Pony Party of the year and afterwards D'arcy and her friends had a picnic out on the front lawn by the church.

February 2012 - At last Spring is here and the last days of February have been exceptionally warm and sunny, in the South East of England.Marie and her daughter Eleanor came down from Manchester to visit relatives for a few days and took some time out to come and see our horses. Back home in Manchester, Eleanor has her own pony Major to ride, but loved playing with our tinies. After grooming Satin, Starlite and Dublin, we practiced on the mini show jumping course and then took them out on a trek over the marsh, and up through the woods to the historic village of Fobbing.

Fobbing earned it's place in the history books because of the Peasants Revolt in 1381 led by the ill fated Watt Tyler. Such an idyllic day made Winter a distant memory!

Eleanor and Major

December 2012 - Donabi UK Uno Stars and Sequins joins our team from one of the Uk's top Miniature Horse Studs - Donabi UK

Little Acer, being an only foal and so much younger than the rest of the herd needed a playmate of his own age and however much he nipped the other horses ankles, they would not chase or play with him. Born just two days apart they are now inseparable.

Stars is a dream horse, absolutely beautiful, kind and loving, plus she is homozygous for the pinto gene, which means she will always have a pinto foal, no matter what the colour of the sire.

Her sire Uno Tom Thumb is the UK's top producing stallion and although heterozygous for the pinto gene, four out of his six foals in 2011 were tested to be homozygous for the pinto gene!

Stars - 12 days old
Stars - Six hours old

October 2011 - River goes out on loan to Dayna, where he will get all the individual love and attention a little horse needs and we look forward to seeing him in the showring later in the year.

Horses, large or small are a huge responsibility, both financially and time consuming and they can live extremely long lives, some well into their thirties. Therefore it makes sense to loan a horse before making a commitment.

July and August 2011 - Wolfscastle miniature horses and Demon star in the ITV production 'Super Tiny Animals' The program was filmed on two beautiful Summer days and everybody had a fantastic time!
April 12 2011 - After three weeks of staying awake all night watching the barn cam, this little chap made his entrance into the world at 11am! Just 14.75'' in height, Acer is the smallest foal ever born at the farm. Mum Fallon is 30'' and dad Dublin is 29''. He is ultra friendly and being the only foal has become best friends with Demon. They charge around the paddock and then lay down asleep in the sun together.
Fallon, Acer & Demon
Another great cartoon by Jane (Rabbitsfizz)
Baby Fallon
Acer auditioning for The Team
All Pony Parties now take take place on the farm and to add to the fun we have a mini show jumping and obstacle course plus children's sulky pedal carts. Children love these carts - they are such great entertainment!
Rhiannon O'Sullivan & Carrot O'Riley
Baby Acer & Edie
September 2010 - Mainestar Montana leaves us to live with Jude and John Squires in the beautiful Cornish village of St. Wenn, as a companion to their pretty little black miniature mare Magic. We were very fortunate to have found the perfect home for Montana where he will be loved and want for nothing - Thank you Jude and John.
November 2008 - Wolfscastle Miniature Horse Farm is very proud to welcome Brewers Feature Silver Satin, Encore Dublin Mudslide and Cozy Corner Starlite to join our team of party ponies.
Encore Dublin Mudslide
29'' Silver Dapple Pinto Gelding
Born on St Patricks day, this 4 year old, well mannered little chap is a joy to own. After The 2008 World Show Dublin accompanied Satin to the Shortview Quarantine Facility in Texas for a month before they were shipped from Houston Airport Texas to Prestwick Airport in Scotland. After being examined by a Ministry Vet they were released to Horse Transporter Adam Gibson to begin the long journey down to Essex.

2008 AMHA Central Championship Show Reserve Champion 28" & Under Sr Mare

2008 AMHA World Top 10 28" And Under Sr Mare

2008 AMHA World Top 10 Amateur Sr Mare Level 1, 30" & Under

Brewers Feature Silver Satin 27'' Silver Dapple Pinto World Top Ten Mare
Imported from the USA in 2005, Starlite is a tiny, refined, ultra friendly little mare with blue eyes, who loves people. A proven brood mare, having had a colt foal in 2007 and a filly foal in 2008 and weighing in at just 67 kilos she has certainly kept her figure!
Cozy Corners Starlite 29'' Bright bay Tovero Mare